All examples are real cases from my life that I observed with my own eyes or took direct part in. This is not fiction and not “from books”. This is a reality that is usually not discussed

I'm lying on the bed with a broken butt…



A frank conversation about what everyone feels and understands, but there is no one to discuss it with

Have they already tried to convenience you that using drugs, or poppers, or other things that poison your health is normal, it’s acceptable, it’s not they who are killing themselves, it’s something wrong with you? And if you don’t want to do this - you are strange / you are boring / you are old fashioned - for only one simple reason - you do not want to accept these "values" and do not want to use something what kills, what the masses of the gay world falsely perceive as “ pleasure", "enjoyment", "freedom", "open minded"

I’m lying on the sofa with a broken butt in complete confusion - why did I do this again? Why did I use substances again, why again this chaotic sex with a man whom I saw yesterday for the first time in my life and, most likely, will never see again, and I feel so bad...

Ahhhh how I hate myself for doing this again! I kind of agreed with myself that I would never do it again... and when did I think that? Yes, at exactly the same moment as now, I thought. After the previous “binge”, when I was also lying in bed and “dying”, because it was terribly bad. Am I the only one? Yes, no matter how it is, this is the story of every third gay man who lives in large developed metropolises, as well as / especially in the epicenters of gay life - Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Bangkok, New York, San Francisco, Taipei, Philadelphia and a lot of others.

And so, a typical picture of the life of a typical gay man in a big urban city (I’m not talking about those guys who live in small towns and, fortunately, have not seen all these “benefits” of modern gay life, and I’m also not talking about those who deliberately chooses not to become involved in this destructive process).

So, what is his story? Most likely a lot of work. Often for wear and tear. Because you are gay and you need to look good, wear beautiful clothes, have the latest version of the iPhone. Otherwise, you will not be an attractive character in the gay world.

Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot. Body. Where would we be without it? If you don't have a beautiful body, you won't be a "purchasable" commodity in this gay sex market. And yes, it is the cult of sex, endless, hard, depraved sex that is put on a pedestal here. People really have an endless obsession with the topic of penis and sex. What's wrong with that? Open up, enjoy, don’t think about the future and what will happen tomorrow.

Alas, the program of self-destruction is the main idea of ​​the modern gay world. No matter how deplorable it may be, this is our reality. Because if you follow all the instilled values ​​of gay propaganda - parties, unrestrained sex, orgies, substances, only one thing can await you - significantly, for decades, accelerated death and / or loneliness and / or lack of normal healthy, stable relationships with a reliable, serious person, and not who will “like the wind in a field” cheat on you every day with a new partner and bring another person’s energy (energy aspect) into your bed, as well as bacterial diseases, for which you both will then need to be treated with a course of powerful antibiotics, destroying your body, immune system and gastrointestinal tract (physical aspect). But we will talk in more detail about the destruction - physical, emotional, life, financial, psychological - that modern gay propaganda leads to, a little later.

And now I propose to pay attention to such a phenomenon as the substitution of concepts. It is used to pass off one phenomenon as another, to change the opinion of society and to create the illusion of certain ideas.

Thanks to the efforts of those structures and people who stand at the origins of modern gay culture, active work has been done to form active associations in the minds of people between completely unrelated phenomena. In other words, so that when a person sees this or that phenomenon, he immediately understands what it is about, in an allegorical form. For example, this is the symbol of the rainbow. In general, a rainbow is a natural phenomenon that indicates that it is sunny now, but it has recently rained.

Or there was active propaganda that black leather products, simple clothes in the form of belts on the naked body, as well as panties with a part that does not cover the butt (the so-called jockeys) are attributes of the gay world. What does all this have to do with the topic of sex?
Why is this false and artificially suggested? Well, for example, remember yourself in adolescence/childhood. Could it really have occurred to you that putting on leather products (the flesh of killed animals, which is the personification of the energy of death in its essence) is sexually exciting? Again. What is the connection between wearing something made from the skin of a killed animal and sexual contact with another person?
Or one of the most terrible phenomena of the gay world - substances and sex with substances... How is this slow suicide connected with the contact of two souls/bodies, love, sex, the pleasure of being together? Not really related at all. Substances are separate, the union of two men, including sexual union, is separate. And there is no destructive demonic connection in all of this, other than the destructive demonic connection inspired by modern gay propaganda.

Substitution of concepts. I am an energy therapist and exorcist, and first of all, I am interested in the topic of the purity of the human Soul. Therefore, next I will pay attention to the component of human energy. And I’ll tell you about a small nuance. How are invisible contracts concluded with the destructive forces of the universe? (As a result, these contracts begin to “eat” a person more and more, inclining him to commit those actions that he actually would not want to do in the depths of his Soul, but some invisible force seems to be pushing him more and more into self-destruction).

In most cases, the conclusion of such contracts occurs when your principles are “pushed through” and you say “yes” to false views, values, and beliefs that are alien to you. When you FEEL “no”, but you betray yourself and say “yes” to offers that are “tempting” you.
Satanism does not equal love. A striking example of the substitution of concepts, inspired by the topic of who is at the origins of modern gay propaganda.
An example with the same substances, if you tried it once. Remember what "preparatory work" your "friends" from the gay world did in order to instill in you the information that using the same narcotic substances, or poppers, or other things that poison your health is normal, it is acceptable, it is not they who are killing themselves, it is something wrong with you. And if you don’t want to do this - you are strange / you are boring / you are old fashioned - for only one simple reason - you do not accept and do not want to accept into yourself what kills, what most representatives of the gay world falsely perceive as “pleasure” ", "pleasure", "freedom", "open views" (because in fact, these rather weak-willed people were pushed and skillfully imposed on them false, initially not their beliefs and values, which they perceived as their own and continue to carry it into masses, not realizing what is really behind it and that they are simply being used to further spread this program of self-destruction).

In fact, most guys, I’m sure, deeply understand and feel that the inner voice of your Soul literally shouts to them: “This is all false, this is all not yours, this can all kill you.” But here, when two factors collide - the voice of your soul and common sense, on the one hand, as well as the “advice” of such “caring” friends, two options may arise.

First - you remain true to yourself, you DO NOT BETRAY YOURSELF, and you act according to your inner feelings and do not allow this “norm” of destruction into your life. But for this you need to have the following components:

- self-love (I love myself so much that I choose only the best, most delicious / healthy / of the highest quality for myself. Well, will a person who loves himself begin to act towards himself in such a way as to consciously choose something destructive about himself?);

- respect for the choices of your Soul, your life Path, purpose and internal values ​​- you understand that, roughly speaking, you have work tomorrow, a project, a meeting with your parents in a couple of days, something else. Life goes on, for this you need health, time, resources, well-being. In fact, if you are actively involved in the process of your Life and you LOVE your LIFE, you simply will not have time for all these things. You choose an adult position and responsibility for yourself, your activities, your time. The question arises. How can a person choose to destroy himself under such conditions? He simply won't have time for it.

From an adult position and SELF-LOVE, he chooses to invest his time/desire/resources in creation rather than destruction. Alas, a huge number of gays, having a rather difficult childhood, problems with accepting themselves, in fact, DO NOT even KNOW WHAT THEY WANT.

It’s as if they didn’t go through the natural and necessary phases of growing up (the stage of sincere interest in learning about the world, when you want to touch, smell, put everything in your mouth, but the dominant mother rudely slapped the hands or simply shouted “no” when the child wanted to express himself and “explore” “some part of the surrounding world.
Or the “unlived” stage of “teenage rebellion”, when it was time for the child, around the age of 16-18, to begin to actively separate from his parents, again, the controlling, domineering mother or other dominant subject was intimidated, broken, otherwise suppressed the child, as a result of which he was unable to “straighten his shoulders” and express himself through protest and separation from his parents or subjects who replace them. As a result, he remains a child in the body of an adult, regardless of his age and remains in dependent state on his parents, even if they are geographically far away or even died, this gives rise to a huge inability to “live” and the inability to take responsibility for one’s life and make one’s own independent decisions).

In general, such “children” in adult bodies (of which there are a lot among gays - the majority, which is almost always associated with a dominant, controlling mother), they have never learned to see and protect their boundaries, they do not understand why they live, what are the meanings and personal principles, values ​​of their life. In conditions where they do not understand who they are and why they live, a situation arises when it is very easy to “lead them astray” from their Path. In other words, they cannot “protect” themselves from external intrusions and such intrusive proposals from the outside, because:

a) they simply have nothing to “protect” - there is no clear, rigid internal frame - a formed system of conscious principles, views, desires - what is acceptable for me and what is not, what is true for me and what is not, what I accept into my life, and what am I refusing? And I’m not talking about instilled attitudes from parents, society, or friends from the gay world. No, I’m talking about the conscious values ​​and principles of a formed, adult person who knows and understands what he wants from life and he came to this INDEPENDENTLY, without “advice” and “suggestions” from a dominant mommy who knows better how to live her life son, even when he is well over 30;

b) in fact, there are no self-defense mechanisms. Most gay men either have no father figure at all and were raised solely by their mother; or the father’s figure was unexpressed and he, frankly speaking, was a weak person who did not teach this guy not only to physically defend himself, but also energetically he did not help such a boy develop the “male” components of the psyche - boundaries, ability and ability to defend himself and his principles, if necessary, firmly rebuff those who are “pushing” and trying to inspire something. And here it is no longer so important what it is - leather, whips or powders. I just know who I am, why I live, what I like and what I don’t, and therefore I won’t even allow this to be done in my space, not that I personally would be inclined to such destructive stories.

A mother who is domineering, controlling and afraid to “let go” of her child. This is the main psychological reason for most psychological distortions and such a strong prevalence of addictions among gays. Dependence on substances, alcohol and other ways to destroy oneself is a projection of this guy’s dependence on his mother. And deep inside, this “inseparability” from his mother’s opinion, even when he is already 28-35-40 years old, simply drives him crazy, and he needs at least something that for minutes/hours/days will allow him to “forget” about that his mother is “always there” and will give him at least a short-term feeling of freedom and independence, even in an altered state of consciousness under the influence of certain substances or alcohol

If the topic of a dominant mother is close to you and you have found a “response” to my words in your Heart and Soul, I strongly, strongly advise you to watch the following short video and think:
In general, an entire “black gay empire” on a planetary scale was built on the traumas of the gay social group and their vulnerability. The gay world, the “community” and all these “false” friends - it’s all so sticky, viscous, addictive.

90% of avid “gay activists” have severe connections and behind them are demons and lower astral entities that eat up their lives, energy and push them every day to do something that will help drain the energy of the lives of such men, and most importantly - to participate in in order to multiply the same connections among other people. How? Organizing and attracting participation in prides, parties and other public events, popularizing all this, which has the ultimate goal of dragging as many guys as possible into all this “energy mess” and “expressing” their life energy with people who are “at the top” of this entire pyramid and who know how everything works and how it all actually works. But such information will be inaccessible and incomprehensible to a “simple passerby”.

Why are all these parties, nightclubs, pride parades, cruises on one big ship, and so on so common in the gay world? To produce more and more easily accessible sex, to create conditions for this, to communicate more and multiply all these “values” of modern gay propaganda, returning to their home. I grew up in a small Ukrainian town and in my city there were about five pronounced “gay activists” who used substances every weekend and organized orgies in rented hotel rooms and, of course, had fashionable social networks in which they “actively” promoted this “culture” in our town, and in the summer, of course, we flew to Barcelona or Amsterdam for “refueling” and to show how “there” all this is “developed” and how “there” people have “rights” and “freedom” “, but in our town they seem to be “not there”. Substitution of concepts in its purest form.

The most avid gay activists on the toughest lower astral connections (in their bioenergy structure there are literally open portals to low worlds - the lower astral, the world of the dead, demonic energies, from there they are “inspired”, “nourished” and pushed to take certain actions aimed at spreading this is all until this “vessel” completely falls into disrepair due to the endless use of something and the increasing distance and betrayal of one’s Soul).

That is why in the gay world there are so many manifestations of “black energies” - drama, addiction, themes of depression, suicide, and a typical gay cinema is almost always something heavy, depressing, dramatic and ending in some kind of grief. What energies inspire such directors, they convey in their “works of art”, giving gays an even brighter message that pain, betrayal and drama are the norm of life. No, this is not the norm. This is simply what the modern gay world is artificially “impregnated” with. The more people who are overcome by negative emotions, the easier it is to control them and persuade them to engage in self-destructive behavior.

But that's what's behind it, the energetic aspect. What do we have on the physical, visible, material level? Many gay icons are simply paid and told where to go, what to do and what to say. I know several very nice guys who are sick of all these parties, the need to constantly go to gay saunas, clubs and so on. It destroys them. But they do it. And when I asked one of these guys - WHY are you doing this if you see that it is killing and devastating you? It turns out he gets paid for it! Because through his social networks he simply shows how he was at this or that party, how he danced in some club and posts a link there. Cynically? Yes! Dirty? Very! Yes, yes, this is exactly dirty! Because he himself, feeling destruction, betraying his Soul, he breeds this destruction among other guys, advertising and promoting it. Only to receive some money into your account at the end of the month. Prostitution, informational only.

And it is in this way, by brutally betraying oneself, making compromises with conscience and the voice of the soul, that black demonic contracts are concluded. These are really existing invisible energy contracts with the lower astral and other destructive forces. People don’t know how it works, they don’t know how our world really works, and how easy it is to “get into trouble.” The very fact that you sell your Soul for money is a powerful deal, let’s say, with the devil, with dark forces. They feed on the energy of selling their Soul. The Creator gives you energy through your Soul - for creativity, development, creation, joy, lightness, creation out of love. Instead of choosing yourself and investing this energy in what brings you joy, happiness, pleasure... you simply sell yourself for money. And in the gay world there is a lot of money circulating. And if you think that those who organize all these prides and parties stand aside from the drug dealers who sponsor all this “fun”, you are very mistaken. Often these are the same people and/or their friends and acquaintances. I have personally seen several examples in different countries when these “daddies” themselves, who are at the origins of organizing gay festivals, hold orgies at home, inviting young guys and plying them with plenty of substances. At the same time, “daddies” often do not use it themselves, understanding what is really happening and what service and what dark forces they perform at such moments. They are simply intermediaries, some serve the Gods who bring Light, some serve the lower creatures, realizing that for this the lower astral will reward them with the same dirty money as the lives of such “servants” are dirty.

In general, there is a strict hierarchy in this world. Those who are at the origins understand everything perfectly - they themselves do not use substances, they just do business. Often such people have powerful demonic possessions. Moreover, demons of a very high level. They understand that it is “unprofitable” for them to show the bodily “vessel” through which they broadcast into this world in an “unfavorable light,” therefore demons do not push these particular people to direct self-destruction. Through them, commands are only issued and everything is organized.

Below them are lower-level managers, half of whom become addicted to drugs, become drunkards, and go headlong into destructive behavior, since they cannot withstand the load of these black energies, cannot resist them, and, giving in to slack, plunge into it.

The next level of the hierarchy is all these go-go dancers, porn actors, dancers and public figures who actively promote all these destructive gay values, more than half of whom simply receive money and do not bother at all about energies, conscience, Soul, destruction and creation.

Often these are bots with beautiful bodies who don’t think about anything at all except to eat, drink, go to the gym and pump up their body, having previously given another Botox injection between the eyebrows and a testosterone injection into the buttocks, which will soon fester from an abscess and chronic inflammation due to constant steroid injections, and the liver is destroyed from intoxication with substances, alcohol and steroids. And these dolls, who are sponsored by the owners of this entire circus, as well as second-level managers, are elevated to the level of gods.

They are the ones who stand on the grounds of gay pride parades, parties, nightclubs, making ridiculous, inept movements, practically naked; anyone else has the courage to call it “dancing.” It is through their accounts on social networks that regular gay events are advertised and promoted, at which they almost always insist on using drugs so that you can have “fun” and “have fun”. Directly manifested Satanism and raising dirty money to the level of gods.

And instead of spending his energy, resource, inspiration on something creative, such a gay icon goes to another gay party for money, which makes this person sick. And if you are not a gay icon, the gay world will offer you other illusory “bonuses”. After all, you need to somehow lure you in and then impose this “philosophy” on the sly.

This is often a theme of escaping loneliness. In general, when I see these “gatherings” of gays of 10-15 people, who gathered not because they have common values, not because these people are interested in being together, but only because they are gay, it evokes emotion. People just waste their time, lives, energy on nothing. Since deep down most of them are not interested in all these gatherings and they “cannot open up” without substances, alcohol, and so on, all this is actively brought to such parties.

I had an ex-boyfriend. He went to see friends with whom they simply talked. And yes, I know that there was no sex and they were just communicating... attention... using drugs. TO COMMUNICATE AND SPEND TIME WITH FRIENDS!

Needless to say, my ex is the most typical “black” conductor of demonic energies with which the gay world is so filled. The typical type of such a “conductor” is that he is charismatic and handsome, because he needs to attract attention / he endlessly goes to the gym and uses steroids to make a sexually exciting body and thereby attract attention even more, but in the end, as happens with almost everyone gay icons, slide down to the level of escort and prostitution, because in other ways to create money in his life he simply has no vitality left, the black gay world is sucking him out - the energy of lightness, inspiration, desire to create and create disappears / he is outwardly very sweet, polite and friendly. After all, it is so important for him to be “friendly” and social / he constantly uses substances on weekends with other “friends,” constantly attracting more and more people into this circle.

And I know what I'm talking about. This man spent months systematically teaching me that “it’s okay to use drugs, BABY. And don’t lie that one day you will leave this, don’t lie to me or yourself” - these are the verbatim words of my ex. At that stage, I was so weak, I didn’t know myself, I didn’t have the boundaries and the aforementioned self-defense mechanisms to punch such a “well-wisher” in the face and just leave him with his substances and false friends, choosing myself and my life.

No, I was overly weak-willed and had no personal boundaries. Just as 90% of gays do not have this until the moment when they begin to deal with their psyche, knowledge of themselves, the inner world, the topic of parents and how childhood traumas leave a terrible imprint on our entire future life and lead to self-destruction.

As an exorcist, it is very interesting for me (and I hope for you too) to show you the subtle energy mechanisms of how you are “woven” into complicity in these rather dark and demonic energies. There are many mechanisms and nuances here, enough to write a whole book. I will only tell you about the most striking ways in which you can be “pushed” or have already done so.

The first is imposed sexual tastes. The fact that you accept this “pushing” and betray your true sexual tastes and views (which in fact you have not even known and you do not know what is yours and what is not. Whichever way the wind blows - that’s why you said “yes”, a clear framework of personal views, values, the ability to say “no” in time is often absent) connects you to the destructive gay community.

There is also a strange, unconscious, completely incomprehensible trend that I saw among many gays - tattoos in the form of skulls, other attributes of the energy of death, or painting their nails black. Have you asked yourself a question? Why are you doing it? People don't think! I saw it and repeated it. But at its core, we never do anything “just because” - this is ritual magic of a black nature in action, which, like prayer in religion, opens the door to the world of this religious world, and here too - dressing unusual, absolutely strange clothes or strange underwear that represents this black gay community, black nails, demonic symbolism of tattoos and so on - connects you to these destructive energies. In other words, you enter into a contract, but not by saying “yes,” but by performing actions that automatically say “yes, I am a participant in this world, I give my consent to participate in this.”

I, as a former lawyer, know the term “implicit agreements” - these are agreements that are not concluded by direct expression of will, expressed through the words “yes, I agree” or in writing, no. These are those contracts that are concluded by ACTIONS without words. For example, you went to a supermarket, took a bottle of water and went to the checkout. Perhaps you even paid for it without the cashier’s participation through the machine. No one said anything to anyone, but at that moment you entered into and fulfilled a contract for the purchase and sale of a bottle of water at the relevant store.

Saying “yes” when you really don’t want it and there is no response from your Soul to it is always selling the energy of your Soul to dark forces. Whether it's a gay topic or another. And the theme of “selling your soul to the devil” works exactly like that. It really WORKS. Whether you believe it or not, whether you know it or not. And I, as an exorcist, literally see this every day and work with it.

And let everyone reading, if it is the will of your Soul, in the most good, gentle and comfortable way for you, now have appropriate contracts with the lower astral, the world of the dead and demonic energies, to the extent that this will be for the benefit of you and the entire Universe, will be terminated. The energy of your life will be returned to you in full, and the other parties will return all seals, implants, connections once and for all unilaterally. Now in your bioenergy structure, if you give your permission and this is important to you, connections and implementations will be literally marked, so that the next time they “try” to persuade you into behavior that is unusual for you (and this is the only way it works - like the devil (dark gods, entities) can persuade you to do what is unusual for you - “whisper” thoughts that are not yours, through your ego, touching on your internal pains, the most problematic and painful topics - hatred, loneliness, sadness, melancholy. They seem to cling. For the most alive, the most trembling, the most painful for you and “on the sly”, when you are in an emotional, aggressive, annoyed state - they push you to do something that is not typical for you. Go have sex, go use substances, go drink. alcohol, etc.

The next stage is when you get involved in this, it is very important for the “blacks” to distract your focus and make you “relax.” Very often, partners with tough “black” connections literally directly say - drink more alcohol, or use more drugs. - some of you are tense, some of you are not “high”, the blackest ones with whom I had sex, when their bodies had already been completely taken over by entities, they directly said “you are not “high” enough for us to have sex with you sex, I will only have sex with drugs, otherwise I’m not interested.”

Do you know what the “blacks” caught me with? I am fascinated by pumped up sexy bodies and it is the sexiest, pumped-up gays who are usually on the hardest hooks, and it is through their bodies that they are lured into this black world. Because many gays had no dad, they lacked masculine energies in childhood. A pumped-up male body subconsciously tells us about the masculinity of its wearer and, thus, subconsciously, blacks “hit” the trauma of abandonment by dad. These are all subtle and psychological, subconscious, unconscious processes. And you will be persuaded through your trauma - for some, like my ex, it is the illusion of friendship, community, unity and that he is not alone, although deep down he is extremely lonely, for others, like me, it is a greed for pumped-up bodies and as if I’m ready to do anything, even use substances, to have sex with this handsome guy. Everyone has their own weaknesses, and the lower worlds are perfectly able to read a person’s subconscious and “catch” him for what hurts him the most.

It’s like blacks have such access, a contract - we will give you sex with this pumped-up handsome guy, but for this you must use substances. Yes - yes, no - no, you have no other choice to have sex with him. And he actually doesn’t want sex with you either, that’s why he says directly: I don’t want it without substances. Because when he uses, his mind is completely replaced by demonic implantation and he does not belong to himself. His consciousness is literally taken over by entities and in this case, you have sex not with a person, but with black entities that take over him. You have sex with demons, entities, larvae and other creatures, but not with a Living Person.

The mechanism of taking over your body/psyche/Soul is also interesting - you either need to use so much to completely turn you off, or even small portions of the substance must be SO STRONG to turn off your connection with the Soul. When you consume alcohol, substances, or marijuana, the vibrational frequency of your body drops so low, the body becomes so poisoned that you are literally cut off from the flow of your Soul. The soul is close to the Creator, it is a very subtle, highly vibrational structure. Why can people beginning the spiritual path “catch” a connection with the soul only during meditation, and in ordinary life this is not so clearly expressed? Because it is important for them to relax and “tune in” with their Soul in order to be in contact with it. So, having consumed alcohol, substances, weed, and even cigarettes, but to a lesser extent, you are immediately cut off from the flow of the Soul, and you become a puppet in the hands of entities. You become not yourself, you become obsessed, you become inadequate. This is a direct conclusion of a contract with the lower worlds in the form of the above-mentioned conclusive actions. Only above I spoke about water and the supermarket, and here – about your Soul and selling it to the devil in exchange for money / false temporary pleasures / the illusion of sexuality and sex.

Even the very fact that you betrayed your inner feelings and such a partner with a very strong inner demon persuaded you to this self-destructive act indicates that the agreement was concluded. And this is not about the fact that you used substances or the same gay icons received a sum of money and it was all over. No, everything is just beginning. An energy contract is a portal, invisible, constantly open doors between you and the black gods, a channel through which constantly, more and more, as you sell and betray yourself, your life energy will flow through these channels. After years, such a person is “drunk” and “thrown away” by the lower worlds, which is why stories with drugs so often end in death.

A clear example (those who have used substances know) - you, even when an orgasm has occurred, cannot calm down - you endlessly watch porn, think only about sex, and until two or three days later you are completely exhausted, without power. and complete loss of energy, you cannot calm down and are constantly looking for a partner for sex. Some people thus have sex with 10, 15 or even more partners in 2-3 days. Contract. The energy of Life flows away and with each next orgasm, the black ones devour you more and more. Then a week passes, you at least minimally restore your life energy, the next weekend... but the contract has not gone away, and again they “take you into circulation”, instilling false thoughts that you so want sex, watch porn, masturbate. Oh, these thoughts seem impossible to overcome, they are so intrusive... yes, they are strong, but they are not yours. These are demons/entities/blacks who connects to you through open portals in your bioenergy structure and force you to drain the energy of life. And such a cycle will continue until you, through a strong exorcist, break this vicious circle.

Why do they say that “there are no former drug addicts”? That is why, because psychologists / doctors / narcologists can rehabilitate you, but they cannot close these contracts and free your Soul forever. Only a strong exorcist, if you have free will, can help you break these contracts with blacks and free you from such influence forever. At one time, one person helped me a lot with this. And everything that I describe, I went through my experience and my life, and now I help other people get rid of addictions and do it successfully.

In general, it’s “written” in your brain that something strange and destructive “excites”... it doesn’t excite, it actually kills. But, you have such a lower astral veil on your consciousness that it is suggested to you that these are your sexual tastes.

The connection has occurred, and with it - a huge hole-portal to the lower astral, which begins to disfigure your life and from there, invisibly for you, those thoughts / emotions / states are instilled in you that are not truly yours, and you begin to live not yourself and not yours. life. Do you know what I mean? Do you feel the force that every day pushes you to surf that same yellow-and-black dating application (you know what i mean) and spend hours of time on it all? Or that force that makes you endlessly have sex with random partners you don’t really like? Or the force that pushes you to endlessly watch porn and masturbate, draining your life energy into dark worlds? If this is important and relevant for you, I can help you disconnect from this, rewrite memories, clear portals and connections, and free you. I invite you to Soul reconnection sessions - both live and online, the effectiveness of the sessions is the same.

True harmony and love to everyone! Quiet, calm, and, first of all, inner love, which does not need to show off anything, look for reasons for “ostentation” and false pride, and also seek consolation for your pain and problems in substances and addictions. All the best!


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